Packed with powerful features

Learn more about the features of our mavenport Sales Booster platform.

A modular solution to fit your needs

mavenport consist of three modules, each one contributing to improving your sales. Depending on your business case, they can be freely combined.
Core modules

1. Transfer knowledge

Leverage the power of micro-learning to train your sales staff with centrally compiled material about brands, new initiatives, promotions, selling skills, and much more!
Instant and individualized deployment of your content. Gamified content delivery with incentives. Users will have ongoing on-demand access.

2. Exchange knowledge

Cut through the clutter and connect with your sales staff directly through the mavenport platform. Use push messages to communicate latest company news or ask for product feedback.
Users can exchange best practices, discuss latest trends, answer centrally posed questions, or vote on central polls.

3. Set and track sales objectives

Inform your sales staff about their sales targets and keep them up-to-date regarding performance and target achievements. Establish last minute challenges if the month is falling short.
Users will be more in touch with your company goals.

Learning module

  • Small learning units can be flexibly consumed on the job or on the go are most effective for learning success.

    Micro-learning fosters retention, learning success and drives ongoing engagement with your content. mavenport makes sure that learning about a new product, technology or brand can be done flexibly and in easy-to-consume knowledge nuggets. It can be the perfect complement to classroom trainings.

  • Complex topics can be split into step-by-step explanations, allowing anybody to fully understand your material.

    To enable impactful learning results, users need to be guided. mavenport makes it easy to set up your learning structure, enabling users to seamlessly work through your learning units, extending their know-how step-by-step.

  • Tell a compelling story by combining different types of media: video, images, and text.

    Learning can be fun when content goes beyond text. mavenport allows you to use your existing videos or images to spice up your lessons. We can help get rid of unnecessary clutter to optimize your content for mobile usage.

  • mavenport is suitable to train users on all kinds of topics: be it product know-how, regulatory, soft-skills, or legal content.

    The possibilities of application are endless. Get mavenport to train your sales teams and also use it for on-boarding, conduct manuals or continuing education. To complement, our selected partners offer „off-the-shelf“ trainings, which can be tailored to your needs and easily implemented.

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Community module

  • Leverage the direct link to your users and keep them up-to-date with latest news.

    Whenever something new and important is happening, you can let everyone know with a central company post. Users can view your posts in blog-like format at any time. User ratings and comment encouraged! Central analytics show you who has seen your news.

  • Send short questions to your users, asking them for their feedback.

    Ever tried to get a direct feedback from your sales team or sales partners? Not that easy. With mavenport micro-polls, it’s just a matter of seconds. It’s created within seconds, can be delivered to chosen user groups and can be directly answered on the users device.

  • Users can share observations, best practices, or ask questions.

    Each post can be rated and commented by other users. Shared best practices from one location will improve performance in another. Users asking questions will get immediate answers from their peers. You can monitor post activity and engagement centrally and delete unwanted posts.

  • Drive engagement and reach out to all your users with push messages.

    We don’t always wait for users to open the app when they feel like it. Notify your teams of new learning content, news or polls at the central click of a button. Messages will show up directly on your user’s phone screens.

Sales Steering module

  • Communicate sales objectives and target achievement status to show everyone where they stand.

    Many sales staff do not have transparently communicated sales goals. The mavenport Sales Steering Module will let everyone know how they perform and automatically communicate gaps. This alone will grow your sales.

  • Create contests or short term sales drives to close a gap or support a new launch.

    Reach out to your users and announce short term focus areas with stretch goals. Pit teams against each other and call pout incentives for the winners. All participants will continuously see how they are doing vs. the contest goal or vs. their opponents.

  • Display your relevant KPIs, be it sales dollars, units, shares, leads, response rates… You name it.

    Our platform will allow you to show the numbers you like in the frequency you prefer. This flexibility will allow you to taylor it to your needs and steer your user’s focus to where it matters most. Your sales, your way!

  • Connect your existing KPI reporting systems to mavenport for automatic communication.

    If your sales figures or other KPIs are stored in a CRM-system or a database we can connect it to mavenport so they will be automatically displayed to individual users or teams at the frequency you desire. Another option is uploading the data manually, if you prefer.

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Performance drivers

Each module serves a valuable purpose. The next question is: how does mavenport drive user-engagement and -motivation to learn and to sell? The answer: by leveraging the following performance drivers.

  • Gamification: We leverage gaming elements to make the platform more fun to use.
  • Analytics: Analytics help to understand user enagement and optimize content and activities.
  • Customization: Create a platform that is truly yours – design, languages, content integration, or organization of users is all up to you.
mavenport Performance Drivers


We leverage gaming elements and incentives to drive user engagement and make the platform more fun to use.


Users check their knowledge to see which areas need improvements.
In case of false answers a short explanation will be displayed to ensure better understanding.

Reward points

Users can earn reward points by working through lessons and answering quiz questions. These points can be exchanged for centrally defined incentives.


mavenport is already intrinsically motivating through all of the above: engaging content, quizzes, rankings, and a transparent development progress for users.
For the extra motivational push, external rewards like free product, gift cards, or money-can’t buy prizes can be offered to your sales staff in exchange for points.


Rankings will illustrate how well users perform compared to other users on the platform.


Insights & Analytics

Analytics help to understand user engagement and optimize content and activities.

Measure engagement

Find out who in your sales team is motivated and committed to your products. Central reports show how users are engaging with learning content.

Understand focus

Understand what’s top of mind in your sales organization. Analytics show you which topics are of special importance to users.

Achievements & efficiency

Set learning targets, measure learning progress and how efficiently your organization is advancing.

Check needs & potentials

Identify which parts of your content need to be improved. Central reports show how users are doing on your quizzes.

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Create a platform that is truly yours – design, languages, content integration, or organization of users is all up to you.

User Groups & teams

Define user groups and assign users to ensure that content is visible solely to those users who are supposed to see it – be it depending on regions, divisions, management level…
Invite both internal and external users to extend your reach.

Manage & integrate content

The browser based central Content Management System guarantees that you are in full control of all contents at all times.
You can also link in external knowledge centers from e.g. retailers, brands, regulators etc.

Individual design

Customize the look & feel: the design of the platform can easily be adapted and changed according to your guidelines.


mavenport currently supports 12 languages and can be flexibly extended to make sure that your users feel at home.

mavenport builds a direct link between companies and their sales people. We take new and engaging approaches to create unmatched efficiency & results for our clients.

- Julian Fernau, Managing Director, mavenport americas Inc.

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